Looking to publicize your product or service? Why not share it with the engaged community of the Night of the Living Geeks?

While our numbers may not be huge, and impressive, they are growing.

Our Podcasts

All stats are for November 2014

Website average pageviews: 1,629

How You Fit In

You have an opportunity to share what you have to offer with a growing, and engaged community. You can choose what fits best for you, be it advertising on one of our podcasts, all of our podcasts or utilizing banner space on our website.

All We Ask In Exchange

Is for your help in growing. If you have a product or service that you would like to offer our community for free or at a discount, of course we’d love to partner and offer! We also understand that with growing numbers, you may seek something different.

We’re more than happy to offer our advertising space for you, for just a mention on your company’s social media streams.

We would love to exchange a post on your social streams for every episode you sponsor, or for every week you advertise on our site. It’s such a small price to ask, but we feel that it is something that could benefit both of us!

Interested In Advertising Exchange?

Then just shoot us a quick message, and our CEO Devin DiNardo will get back to you ASAP!

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