Episode 20: Hellier Part One OR The Midnight Kids Are Alright

Road to Hellier Road Sign. Photo courtesy of RooGirl78.

Night of the Living Geeks · Click Here to Listen to All Night with the Living Geeks Episode 20: Hellier Part One OR The Midnight Kids Are Alright

Our fellow weirdos, we have arrived!! And a day early, too! After months of preparation and laying out much of the background information needed to comprehend events, we’re finally starting our review of Hellier! In this first part (of three) we look at the first five parts (so, all of Season 1). We dive into the aspects of the case that resonated most with us, dig a little deeper in some instances, and just enjoy the absolutely high strangeness of it all! Welcome, at long last, to Hellier!

The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult
Seb’s Descent into The Archives
The Goodreads Mega List of Hellier-related Books
Buy the Hellier Soundtrack because you know the music is amazing!
Try out the Secret Cipher for yourself
News article about UFO sighting in October 2012
Bizarre UFO report from that same Oct 2012 flap
Another UFO Stalker report from the October 2012 flap

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Written by Taylor

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