Episode 26: The Green Lady of Wahiawa and Seven Steps to Hell!

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As our season From the Pages continues, we look at two unusual cases. First up is The Green Lady of Wahiawa! A tale from Hawaii in the late 1950s…you can find poor retellings of it on the web today, but Taylor thinks this might be the origin point for this legend. Seb talks about a pretty famous UFO case…Portage County, Ohio in 1966…but he does a deep dive on one aspect of the case that tends to get left out of modern retellings of the incident.

The Green Lady of Wahiawa Story
The original article from the Honolulu Star Bulletin
The Seven Steps to Hell Story
Info on the 353rd Communications Recon Company
A NICAP report that provides detail about the car in question
Seb’s Descent Into the Archives

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Written by Taylor

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