Episode 29: Martinique Giants AND The Vegas UFO Crash of 1962

Night of the Living Geeks · Click Here to Listen to All Night with the Living Geeks Episode 29: Martinique Giants AND The Vegas UFO Crash of 1962

June is here and with it, we have two more strange cases from the pages of old UFO magazines and newsletters! This month, Seb talks about an unusual case of abnormal grow rates on the island of Martinique! Could there be a race of giants hiding out near the Pelee Mountain. And Taylor brings us the case of an alleged UFO that was tracked from New York to Nevada and apparently crashed with a flash large enough to be seen from six states! It’s a really odd tale with no clear resolution. So hop on board the weird train and let’s get into it!

Seb’s Story about Giants
The Vegas UFO Crash Source One
The Vegas UFO Crash Source Two
The Vegas UFO Crash Blue Book Files
Seb’s Descent Into the Archives

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Written by Taylor

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