Episode 31: Custer’s Last Wormhole AND Bigfoot Hit My Car!

Night of the Living Geeks · Click Here to Listen to All Night with the Living Geeks Episode 31: Custer’s Last Wormhole AND Bigfoot Hit My Car

It’s August and a brand new episode is here to grace your ears with some weird! This month we share some exciting news for early 2024, Seb tells tale of the possible timeslip from 1964 back to Custer’s Last Stand! And Taylor finally finds a Bigfoot story…but thinks there’s a far higher strangeness at work with the case! Get ready for “Custer’s Last Wormhole” and “Bigfoot Hit My Car!”

Custer’s Last Wormhole
Custer’s Connection to The Twilight Zone Bigfoot Hit My Car!
Seb’s Descent Into the Archives

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Written by Taylor

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