S01E28: More Broads Less Rods

Bam!Pow!TV is back this week with a dash of Bam!Pow!Movies! Before jumping into our regular metas on the television we deconstruct our thoughts on Captain America 3: Civil War (Spoiler, we loved it.) We cover rough thoughts up to minute 6:24, then we get as spoilery and detailed as we can 😉 Skip past if you haven’t seen it yet, then GO SEE IT ALREADY!!

After Cap it’s straight into SHIELD (S03E20 @ 30:44) and we….like Lincoln? Is this Earth 2 SHIELD we’re watching?

Barry might just be Speed Jesus in The Flash (S02E21 @ 38:13) and Arrow (S04E21 @ 50:10) is trying it’s hardest to match Savage’s body count this episode. Last, but not least, we’re all left a bit cold by Legends of Tomorrow (S01E15 @ 1:00:15), but at least Mick is always there for us.

Written by John Pingel

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