S02E01: Year Two – Back With A Vengeance

Summer is over and the gang is back together! TV has sung it’s siren’s call and Beatrice, John, Kenneth, and Monica gather around the table once again to answer it. Fortunately TV is a kind taskmaster and is easing us back into it’s schedule, with only two shows this week. First up, Lucifer (S02E01) weirdly picks up just days after the season finale and it’s become a hunt for dear old Mum! Agents of SHIELD (S02E01) is also back and seems to keep us asking questions just for the heck of it. Plus some very poor decisions are made right out of the gate! Since too much free time is uncomfortable for us, we also watched Ghost Rider (2007) and….it was not well received. Listen in to get all our thoughts and theories on this season’s Superhero Lineup!

Written by Kenneth

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