S02E04: The Supercousins Are Here!

Season 2 is in full swing as the last two of our primary lineup aired this week! First though, SHIELD (S04E03) is back from it’s one week VP Debate bump and Marvel is doubling down on Inhumans/civil rights allegories. Then…Supergirl (S02E01) debuts on her new CW home! Sunshine Superman also shows up and they’re both just delightful. Barry gets to have some interesting conversations with people in The Flash (S03E02) because he can’t keep his meddling out of the timestream, and Oliver doesn’t seem to understand that the Russian mob may not be the best leadership model in Arrow (S05E02). Finally, Legends of Tomorrow (S02E01) is back as well and there’s more time traveling in this first episode than any four from season 1!

Written by Kenneth


Episode 4: Doctor Mysterio Jr.