S02E05: Fight Fire With Fire

What better place to have two fire metas fight than a fireworks factory! Agents of SHIELD (S04E04) brings the explosions and we’re all enjoying this year’s ride it seems like. Not to be outdone though, the CW Power Week kicks off with Supergirl (S02E02) saying goodbye to Sunshine Superman, after some kickbutt team ups. Barry follows up as The Flash (S03E03) deals with more fallout from Flashpoint, and speaking of Flashpoint, ripples of it are showing up in Arrow (S05E03) as is more angst. What secrets should be revealed and which are better to keep to yourself? We hash it out! Last but not least, Legends of Tomorrow (S02E02) has a power struggle but team BPTV all knows whom they’d elect as the leader. (Hint, it’s Sara. It’s always Sara.)

Written by Kenneth

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