s03e41: The First Rule of Fandom

It’s been a rough week in fandom as Ruby Rose and Grant Gustin have both faced some pretty terrible backlash from disgruntled fans who can’t tell the difference between giving feedback and being a bully. We thought this would be a quick topic for us but it really got under our skin and we ended up talking about fandom, expectations, and entitlement for a decent chunk. If that doesn’t interest you or sounds stressful, our Luke Cage coverage starts at 12:45!

On the shows side of things, Luke Cage (s02e06) feels like it’s in a transition to the second half of the show and we’re interested to see where they’re taking it. Jessica Jones (s02e11) is winding down and we’re getting wound up! Then, over on Wynonna Earp, (s03e04) we continue to deal with the Dolls fallout, while also throwing some mom and demon issues into the mix.

On the single recap side of things, B filled us in on Cloak & Dagger’s (s01e09) penultimate episode and it sounds like everything is going to basically blow up next week. Last but not least, Monica gives us the Preacher (s03e05) rundown and really it should be called Tulip and Friends at this point. Come listen to all this and more!

Written by Kenneth

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