s03e43: Good Hearted Weirdos

Bam Pow’s third season is quickly wrapping up and it’s almost fall TV time again! We’re here talking about Jessica Jones (s02e13)’s last episode plus our thoughts on the season as a whole, then it’s over to Luke Cage (s02e08) where we continue the discussion on why Netflix should either write shorter seasons or borrow SHIELD’s story arc ideas. Seriously, Netflix, call us we have great ideas!

On the more magical side of the show, it’s as always Earp O’Clock (Wynonna Earp s03e06) and it’s apparently Christmas in August. Last but never least, Monica regales us with Preacher (s03e06) has pretty much turned into the Cassidy show and she’s digging it! All this plus starting next week we’re diving back into Young Justice and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes since our show load is lightening up.

Written by Kenneth

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