This week, the Girls are excited to follow the uniquely named Dexedrine Callisto Parios into the murky mysteries of STUMPTOWN, a Portland-based PI story written by podcast favorite Greg Rucka, with art by Matthew Southworth and Lee Loughridge.

We also wanted to talk to you about something extremely important to us. Anyone who listens to this podcast knows we are adamant supporters of justice, truth, and equality. The last few months of political gamesmanship and immoral, illegal, and prejudiced behavior by Trump and his administration have saddened and outraged us. What HASN’T been disappointing is the resistance movement this has inspired. We are so proud of our fellow Americans for standing up for everything that truly makes this country great, that we are asking for your help in supporting two amazing organizations: Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. We are part of a team holding a fundraiser for these two groups and we are giving you the opportunity to sponsor segments of upcoming episodes in the following ways:

$5 – Ask us a question or solicit our opinion on any subject
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Where to buy STUMPTOWN:
Stumptown Vol 1 on Comixology

Stumptown Vol 1 on Amazon

Stumptown Vol 1 at Barnes & Noble

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