Just Want All the Women to Live and All the Men to Die

This month, the Girls read LADY KILLER and fall completely in love with Josie, competent and sexy hitwoman and mother of two in Joelle Jones & Jaime S. Rich and Laura Allred’s newest comic from Dark Horse. Josie does it all, cooks, cleans, looks after her twin girls, coddles her undeserving husband, and takes out mob-bosses in fishnets and heels. We want to BE HER. Well, at least one of us does (Monica), the rest of us just really like her. We also talk about all the new trailers that dropped in the last month as well as just what’s wrong with some of the choices those movies have made… There’s also a new season of Gamebangers and the field is wide open for either a returning champion or a brand new one!!


In the Bullpen!
Wonder Woman trailer
Justice League trailer
Atomic Blonde trailer
Iron Fist trailer
Death Note trailer
Spiderman: Homecoming trailer

We’re Excited About:
Beauty & the Beast trailer
F8 of the Furious trailer
Get Out trailer
Ghost in the Shell trailer
Kong Skull Island trailer

Get this month’s comic here: LADY KILLER

Written by Beatrice

S02E27B: Ward Power Hour and Iron Fist

Episode 121: The Shaking of Superstars