Are you ready for Forever?

This week we’re discussing the first volume of LAZARUS, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s ongoing dystopian series. We meet Forever Carlyle, daughter of Family Carlyle, as she dies – and then gets back up, killing a small group of people who were stealing food from Carlyle stores. Forever is a Lazarus, created by her father to serve their family and made to believe she’s his daughter in order to tie her to them with bonds of love and loyalty. But the other Carlyles look down on Forever and dismiss her, even as they use her as the greatest weapon in their arsenal against the nearby Morray Family as well as their own people.

We explore what it means to be family in a world where all life revolves around the Family you belong to – whether as a blood relative, a serf who serves them, or the waste they despise.

What does it mean to be a Lazarus? Is Forever only the sum of her Carlyle parts, or can she embrace the growing empathy within her that no one else around her seems to share? And will there ever be a dystopian caste society that doesn’t end up with an incest subplot? We’ve got the water, let’s sit on the side of the road and talk about it while the sun goes down.

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Written by Beatrice

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