It’s 2018, and we’re back to business! This time we’re talking about Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle’s adorable coffee shop bestiary known as MOONSTRUCK!

Weird is the watchword in a universe full to bursting with every kind of supernatural creature you’ve ever heard of, with nary a boring, vanilla human in sight.

Julie, our favorite werewolf barista, is uneasy with her status as a semi-regular canine, but her new girlfriend Selena seems much more at peace with her lupine nature. Julie’s coworker Chet, the genderqueer centaur, just wants to score a date with Manuel, the cute minotaur with the manbun. But suddenly there are prophecies, ominous magic shows with sketchy magicians, and potentially evil snacks.

Grab your lattes and tuck your tails in y’all, let’s talk MOONSTRUCK!

Written by Beatrice

s03e12: Goop Their Cells