Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Gwen #1-4

While The Girls don’t normally enjoy cross-over events, but LOVE Spider-Gwen, we made an exception and dove into Seanan McGuire & Rosie Kämpe’s SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST-SPIDER #1-4, a tie-in story within the Spider-Geddon run.

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Gwen is shot through to another dimension (normal) and finds MJ and Peter working to save an their local Gwen Stacey from, well, herself (not so normal). It’s a tale of too many Gwens as Spider-Gwen joins Peter & MJ to rescue this version of herself in order to get back home and save her own Spider-Family.

Written by Monica

s04e15: Teen Finale

Episode 148: Gallifrey One 2019 Coverage DAY ONE