Ain’t no leashes holdin’ us down – this week we’re slashing through issues #1-4 of MAN-EATERS by Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk.

We learn quickly that in a world where teenage girls are the scariest creatures imaginable, the world still finds a way to humiliate and disenfranchise them. Luckily, teenage girls are even more resilient and creative than we give them credit for. Watch out for Maude – you never know what a girl might be capable of while she’s on her period.

This book is basically the lovechild of BITCH PLANET and ANIMOSITY, and we are here for it! Join us as we discuss tampons, Corgis, and Dad advice, all while ordering a flat of bottled water for the studio.

Mentioned in this episode:
Chelsea Cain’s MOCKINGBIRD run
The Infamous Shirt cover
Hal Sparks Pussy vs Dick

Written by Beatrice

s04e16b: Doombrella

s04e17a: Umbrella of Doom