Let’s Get in the Coffin and Save Ourselves

We’re diving back into the gorgeous and terrifying world of MONSTRESS, brought to us by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda. This book is a densely-packed dive into a society built on magic, slavery, and brutal control.

It should go without saying that the art is incredible, from its style to its content, and we are all amazed by how easily MONSTRESS swept us into its grasp.

Maika continues her relentless quest to learn more about her past, leaving both old friends and new enemies in her wake. She struggles to understand her own power, as it often (literally) bursts from her without warning.

Now that we’ve finished the first volume, we can’t wait to start the next one! Join us as we discuss the mystery of cats, the puzzle of non-sexualized nudity, and the rarity of a story that’s 90% women.

Y: The Last Man TV show announced and we are VERY excited
Locke & Key TV show is back on the docket maybe??
Marvel Rising looks AWESOME

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Written by Beatrice

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