Episode 16: Volkswagen Memories OR Making Wil Wheaton Shout “Barndoor!”

March is here and spring is on the horizon! This month, Seb and Tay take a look at a very massive part of their childhood (and adulthood) as they recount their memories of growing up with air-cooled VWs in the family. Where did it start? What random bits of trivia do they recall? What exactly is the statute of limitations on stealing parts off an abandoned vehicle? They talk about all that and so much more. They could have easily done a three-part series on all their memories and how bittersweet things are today. Come check out the feels and be sure to share it with friends!

There are now four teasers and a release date for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Bill and Ted Face the Music starts production March 5th
We’re getting 30th anniversary Bill & Ted toys (and pins and clothes and stuff)
The new Ghostbusters film is scheduled to begin filming May 13th
Hasbro is finally releasing Star Wars action figures based on the original Kenner sculpts
Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Sells For a Record-Breaking $100,150
The Future Shock Notchback from the June 87 VW Trends is For Sale!
The cover of the June 87 VW Trends

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Written by Taylor

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