Episode 37: Election 92 OR Eddie Vedder Screaming into the Void

Night of the Living Geeks · If Memory Serves Episode 37: Election 92 OR Eddie Vedder Screaming Into the Void

In many ways, one would have to go back to the year 1918 (influenza pandemic) to find a year comparable to 2020. However, in at least one respect 2020 takes us straight back to 1992 and the golden age of our childhood: it was the last time a sitting US President lost his re-election bid. Join us this month as we shake our voodoo stick at the 1992 Election cycle that gave us such gems as InDecision 92, MTV’s Rock the Vote advertisements, and the charming craziness that was Ross Perot!

Many of the cartoons we grew up on are returning to Saturday morning cable TV
The definitive Nickelodeon documentary has arrived
There’s now a documentary about how the Star Wars Holiday Special happened
Rock the Vote: REM
Rock the Vote: Pearl Jam
Rock the Vote: Sarah Jessica and Robert Downey Jr.

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Written by Taylor

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