Episode 27: The Big Billboard Blast and What Hit Snippy?

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Well, no foolin’! We’re dropping our April episode a day early just to ensure you don’t think we’re messing around. This month Seb brings us the fascinating story of a UFO that punches through a billboard (see the actual picture in our episode art!) and Taylor brings us the strange tale of Snippy the Horse! Was he killed by a UFO? Honestly, Snippy’s life he’s much stranger after his death!

The Big Billboard Blast Part 1
The Big Billboard Blast Part 2
Info on the UFO Watchtower
Part of Snippy’s Story from UFOs: An Insider’s View of the Official Quest for Evidence
Town Gets Snippy About Skeleton of Mutilated Horse
Snippy is Located at the UFO Watchtower
Seb’s Descent Into the Archives

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Written by Taylor

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