Episode 57 : Revelation of the Daleks OR 1 + 1 = Davros

Death Zones and broken chameleon circuits be damned! It took us a couple of days, but we can finally present to you our review of “Revelation of the Daleks”! Amidst the many pop culture references, we somehow talk about ALL FOURTEEN CHARACTERS (Yes, FOURTEEN) in this serial. We also speak at great lengths about the DJ, the Doctor’s treatment of Peri, and the hilarious death scenes. In WHO NEWS, we talk about the new TORCHWOOD comic AND the entire PODcastica crew is headed to GALLIFREY ONE!!

Mentioned in this Episode:
John Barrowman’s TORCHWOOD Comic
John’s Reaction Video 1
John’s Reaction Video 2
John’s Reaction Video 3
Taylor’s Reaction Video featuring The DJ

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Written by John Pingel

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