Episode 124: The Christmas Invasion OR Killer Xmas Trees from Outer Space

John & Taylor creep ever closer to completing their collection of all the firsts. This time, they tackle David Tennant’s debut as the Tenth Doctor in The Christmas Invasion! What kind of man is he? What’s this new hand doing here? Look! It’s Harriet Jones, PM. //Yes, we know.// How does this hold up after almost 15 years? How does RTD’s style compare to Moffat’s? What could we possibly expect from the Chibnall era? It’s all that and more! Come listen!

Signed copy of “Knock Knock” up for auction!
University student restored and upgraded one of the original K-9 units!
Eric Roberts and Michelle Gomez coming to Big Finish to face River Song!
Hugh Grant could have been the 9th Doctor.

Written by Taylor

S36E12 I Love You and I Hate You

s03e31: More SHIELD Please