NOTE! This is a lost episode. You can listen to the recaptured version here!

This week John, Ernesto, and Taylor join forces to talk about the Tenth Doctor adventure “Blink”! This is said to be one of the scariest and most popular Doctor Who episodes of all time! Does the trio agree with this?

They also talk about their impressions of Martha Jones as a character in general, how other incarnations of the Doctor would fair in this episode, and if the lack of the Doctor hurt this episode. Also: Who do they think the Weeping Angels could actually be?

Mentioned In This Episode

  • Blink timeline
  • Another Blink timeline
  • Image from “End of Time”
  • Whoniverse Timeline
    • Kathy sent back to 1920
    • Billy meets the Doctor in 1969
    • Sally discovers the house
    • Sally finds the message
    • Sally finds the Weeping Angels and grabs the TARDIS key
    • Sally meets Larry
    • Sally and Kathy go to the house
    • Larry gives Sally the DVD list
    • Sally meets Billy
    • Sally meets Older Billy
    • Sally and Larry watch the DVD in the house
    • Sally and Larry find TARDIS in the house
    • Angels frozen in time
    • Sally meets the Doctor

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