Episode 146: Season 11 Roundtable Review OR Perspectives in Time

Podcastica is back! After three weeks off, we’re back with special guest star Mike Solko to breakdown Season 11 and figure out where were at with all this new Doctor Who! What worked for us, what missed the mark? What did we love and what do we want to see next season? It’s a rambling raucous time as these three friends sort through it all! Come check it out and share it with friends!

Catherine Tate and John Barrowman are coming to Gallifrey One this year
BBC Director General Tony Hall has said that Season 12 of Doctor Who will appear very early in 2020
New HQ audio recordings of some missing episodes have been discovered
The War Master and 8th Doctor are going head-to-head for Big Finish
The soundtrack to 1965’s The Dalek Master Plan is coming out on vinyl on Feb 15th
Here’s an old ad of Jon Pertwee shilling for NZ Telecom
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Written by Taylor

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