Episode 151: The Stranger – Summoned by Shadows OR The Triple Dilemma

At the suggestion of friend-of-the-show Mike, John and Taylor found themselves in an alternate universe where Doctor Who made its way through the Wilderness Years as The Stranger! Wait, that wasn’t an alt universe? They really made this in 1991? That’s right! We explore the, um, interesting world of getting your Who fix when there wasn’t Who to be had! The guys had reactions. And they also worked to improve it a’la Sleep No More.

Salt shakers at the ready, but Doctor Who could be moving back to Saturday nights
Graeme Curry, who wrote The Happiness Patrol, has died at age 54
For Red Nose Day, you could win breakfast with the Doctor and Yaz
So we sort of have new Doctor Who this year with a short VR film
John Levene, our own Sgt Benton, has released an autobiography
Gally tickets go on sale Apr 13 at noon and there’ll be some changes for next year
The animated Macra Terror comes out March 25th

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Written by Taylor

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