Episode 157: The Ribos Operation OR Vynda Graff Jethrik-ator

John and Taylor dig into the beginning of The Key to Time series with The Ribos Operation! And, frankly, they love it! A wholly underrated story, they dive into its virtues and get ready to follow the adventure until all the pieces are collected! Ignore the fact that we already did The Pirate Planet…find the link to that ep here in the show notes!

Our Review of The Pirate Planet!
Paul McGann is part of a 3-part series called Victorian Sensations that explores the technological advances of that era
The Edge of Time, another VR story, is coming in September
Here’s what we know and don’t about The Edge of Time
The Judoon are coming to Season 12
Stephen Thorne, who played greats like Omega, Azal, and Eldred has passed at age 84

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Written by Taylor

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