Episode 165: Battlefield OR Motherflippin Space Knights!

This week it’s war!! John & Taylor review the 7th Doctor story BATTLEFIELD! It’s been described as a moody neo-Arthurian tale and we pack all our thoughts (and they are many) into 80 minutes of Doctor Who goodness. Turns out Arthur all his lot are all from a parallel dimension where magic is as real as science. Ace gets tossed from a lake complete with sword (we welcome our new explosives expert overlord), the Brig makes a triumphant comeback, and the Doctor is actually (eventually?) Merlin! Come listen in and be sure to share it with friends!

We Now Know Who’s Writing and Directing for Season 12
The Unofficial 1987 Doctor Who Annual is now available to order
Big Finish is taking the First Doctor back to Skaro

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Written by Taylor

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