Episode 173: Praxeus OR The Trash Heap has Spoken! Nyahhh!

Microplastics are everywhere! It’s true, look it up. Now what if that plastic was infested with an alien virus brought here by aliens using us and the planet as a giant petri dish? You’d have PRAXEUS! Another pretty good episode that suffered from having to follow a massive episode. Join John and Taylor–and special guest host Terry–as they break down the story at hand and work to make sense of the things that made less sense.

Nicholas Parsons, who played Rev. Wainwright in Curse of Fenric, has died at age 96
There’s a podcast that’s focusing on just the 6th Doctor’s run!
Hero Collector Launches Doctor Who Baking Sets
Australia’s answer to Doctor Who is back from the past!
That Behind the Scenes video about the hazmat suits

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Written by Taylor

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