Episode 182: The Five Doctors OR One-Punch Brig!

Sorry, Marvel fans, THE FIVE DOCTORS is the most ambitious crossover of all time. It just is. The sheer number of characters and cameos in this story (that doesn’t even belong to a season! It’s a Children in Need special!) boggles the mind! This week, John & Taylor delightfully devoured The Five Doctors and were in awe of its scope and what it did to expand Doctor Who lore/canon! Not to mention all the stuff that had been planned for it. So escape the current situation and join us for one helluva ride!

Moffat returns to Twitter for #SavetheDay and We Got a New Scene
And Here’s that New Scene
Did You Miss #SavetheDay? Here’s a recap
Lousie Jameson Reveals Why She Turned Down a Return to Who
Someone has Recreated the Gally1 Carpet in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
David Collings has Passed at Age 79

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Written by Taylor

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