Episode 184: Paradise Towers OR Build High for Happiness

Last week, John said he needed some 7th Doctor in his life and PARADISE TOWERS is just what the Doctor ordered! We sit down and review what starts as a rather bonkers little story that definitely has some dark turns within! Cannibal grannies, anyone? Not to mention some absolute bangers (literally!) from Pex! So grab a can of fizzy pop, throw on your favorite color (only if it’s blue or red), and join us as we travel to the top of Paradise Towers!

Big Finish is Releasing a Free Story Every Week during the Pandemic
Caitlin Blackwood has read a Moffat-penned Short Story about the 11th Doctor
Pete McTighe has Written a 13th Doctor Story
Honor Blackman has Passed at Age 94

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Written by Taylor

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