Episode 186: The Time Warrior OR A Longshank Rascal with a Might Nose

Call it serendipity or synchronicity, but on the anniversary of the passing of Liz Sladen, we just happened to choose to review THE TIME WARRIOR which saw (among many things) the introduction of Sarah Jane Smith! We dive into this story and really enjoyed the rollicking adventure that it provides! Grab your tights and a flagon of mead and let’s talk about The Time Warrior!!

Pip Baker (of Pip & Jane Baker fame) has passed at age 91
Friend of the Show Paul Cornell has Penned a 13th Doctor Short Story
Big Finish’s Latest Installment of The Time War Series Focuses on Susan
Class Volumes 3 & 4 are Scheduled to Drop Later this Month
Big Finish is Recasting Sarah Jane Smith with Sladen’s Own Daughter
There’s a New Minisode that Bids Farewell to Sarah Jane

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Written by Taylor

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