Episode 194: The Time Monster OR In the Soup without a Ladle

Night of the Living Geeks · Episode 194: The Time Monster OR In the Soup Without a Ladle

Io Kronos! All hail the somewhat owl-shaped demi-god of time!! Yes, it’s time to tackle THE TIME MONSTER! This six-parter is a downright wacky romp with questionably named projects, The Master at his best, tools of questionable shape, Atlantis (!), UNIT, Bessie’s Super Drive, slow motion effects, and Season 9 ends with a naked Sgt. Benton! And that, seriously, is just the tip of the iceberg that is The Time Monster! Strap in and let’s dive in!

The Season 14 Box Set is Being Re-Released Due to Demand
Rebecca Root Talks about Being the First Transgender Companion
Arthur Darvill is Starring in a Lone Centurion Series for Big Finish

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Written by Taylor

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