Episode 220: The Seeds of Death OR Kilts in Space

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On Podcastica, we’re quickly realizing that the Second Doctor’s era contains some of the most ambitious storytelling in all of Doctor Who’s history! The Seeds of Death is no exception and we find very little fat that could be trimmed from its six-episode length. The Ice Warriors are back and have a devious plan to make the Earth habitable for these Martians! We find some great adventure, hilarious computer voices, and absolutely excellent directing!! Join us for the #TroughtonRun through The Seeds of Death!

David Bailie, who played Dask in The Robots of Death, has passed at age 83
Doctor Who’s “Marco Polo” recreated in Animal Crossing
Alan Curtis, who played Major Green in The War Machines, has passed at age 90
We Finally Have Some Details about the 9th Doctor Big Finish Adventures
You can Already Pre-Order Mind of the Hodiac from Big Finish

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Written by Taylor

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