Episode 234: The Visitation OR Iguana Melting Man

Android & Tereleptil from The Visitation

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This time we discuss the 5th Doctor story The Visitation! We go deep on the interpersonal dynamics on the TARDIS right now, marvel at a sparkly droid, and behold the joy that is the character of Richard Mace!
Team TARDIS are finally getting Tegan back to Heathrow, but they’re 315 years early. That’s okay, right? The air is clean, the locals are…being controlled by a fugitive Tereleptil bent on exterminating the human race and taking over the planet using a modified version of the Black Plague. Just a regular day in jolly old England, yeah? Can The Doctor save the day without his sonic? Can Nyssa turn up the bass against a sparkly android? Can Tegan manage to get through an adventure without being possessed? And could Adric possibly whine and cry in the same story? It’s all that and more during The Visitation!

Galaxy 4, the missing William Hartnell story, is getting the animated treatment
Rich Tipple is colorizing early Doctor Who stories in his spare time
John Challis, who played Scorby in The Seeds of Doom & Drax for Big Finish, has passed at age 79
Filming for Jodie’s final episode is happening in Cardiff
Actress Ruth Madeley is becoming a new 6th Doctor companion for Big Finish
Chris Eccleston is getting a second series of stories at Big Finish
Nerdist (and many of us) feels like Jodie deserves better for her tenure as The Doctor

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