Episode 238: War of the Sontarans OR These Boots are Gonna Wok All Over You

War of the Sontarans

Night of the Living Geeks · Click Here to Listen to Podcastica Episode 238: War of the Sontarans or These Boots are Gonna Wok All Over You

Having seemingly survived the Flux, The Doctor, Yaz, and Dan are dropped in the Crimean War where the British are battling the Sontarans! Yep, they’re taking advantage of the Flux to conquer Earth across time. Meanwhile, on the Planet Time, not all is well. Time seems to be sentient and the mechanisms in place to make it behave are in need of repair! Can Team TARDIS make things right before the Swarm Squad sweep in to wreak havoc?! It wouldn’t be the wild ride that Flux is turning out to be if there wasn’t lots at stake!

Bob Baker, one of K-9’s creators, has passed at age 82
An Australian fan-made film is now available to view at home (you may need a VPN, tho)
CultBox has a breakdown of the trailer for next week’s ep

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Written by Taylor

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