Episode 270: Planet of the Daleks OR Not Actually Skaro

Night of the Living Geeks · Podcastica Episode 270: Planet of the Daleks OR Not Actually Skaro

This time we continue our trek through Season 10 with Planet of the Daleks! It’s basically the second half of the planned 12-parter with Frontier in Space, but this time instead of political intrigue and The Master, we get a whole lot of Daleks, a planet that can’t decide if it’s a jungle or a frozen wasteland (ice volcanoes, really…), invisible natives, and the return of the Thals who’ve now started spaceflight! The pacing is pretty good, Jo is (again) amazing, and there’s a fair bit to enjoy with Planet of the Daleks!

There’s been some filming in Cardiff
There’s also been filming in Swansea
Disney’s Role in the Production of Doctor Who has been Clarified
Gallifrey One will also Feature The Chibs as a Guest!

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Written by Taylor

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