Episode 271: The Green Death OR Terror with a Side of Flies

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This time around, friends, we wrap up Season 10 of Classic Who with a look at The Green Death! That’s right, the Doctor and Jo return to Earth just in time to take on a whole lot of craziness at a mine in Wales! The Doctor also makes that long-awaited trip to Metebelis III and that becomes one of the funniest parts of the whole serial! But all good things must come to an end as Jo chooses to depart at the end and we’re hit with one of the more (if not most) emotional scenes in recent memory.

Photos have Surfaced from the Filming of The Green Death
Jo Reunites with the 3rd Doctor for New Big Finish Adventures
Five More Titles are Joining the Target Range in July
The Mid-January Gally One Update
Casting News for Series 14 Gives Us When We’ll See Ncuti’s First Adventure
Season 9 of Classic Who will Next get the Blu-Ray Treatment

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Written by Taylor

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