Episode 272: Aliens of London & World War Three OR Return of the Floppy Monsters!

GALLIFREY ONE IS UPON US! But first, The Doctor and Rose return to the “present day” a mere 12 hours since they…wait, what? Okay, I’m getting late breaking news that the TARDIS still doesn’t have the best aim. They’ve actually returned 12 months since they last left! But, strangely enough, just in time for opportootnistic aliens to whip the planet into a panic and slag the whole place in order to sell it off in the biggest fire sale ever! Toss in the introduction of Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North and you have the Aliens of London nearly starting World War 3!

Homemade Who is Returning for the Show’s 60th
We Have Some New Director and Crew Info for Series 14
Ever the Fan of the Word Impossible, Doctor Who Teases an Impossible TARDIS Interior
RTD Shares Some New Clues from the 60th Anniversary Trailer

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Written by John Pingel

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