Episode 275: Dimensions in Time OR Gotta Catch Em All!

Dimensions in Time

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Well, friends, your hosts are back in their respective homes and recovering from Gallifrey One, so they sit down with another annual tradition: a post-Gally ep chosen by friend of the show M.A. Solko! This time around, we’re subjecting ourselves to the 1993 30th Anniversary Special “Dimensions in Time!” It’s…well, it’s definitely a thing that went to air. Regardless, we definitely have some fun with it as well as recap our Sunday at Gallifrey One last week.

The Cast & Guests for Big Finish’s Once and Future 60th Anniversary Special Have Been Announced
Gallifrey One Coverage Even Made the Radio Times Last Week!
Telos Publishing are Releasing a Few Interesting Titles for the Show’s 60th Anniversary
Torchwood Writer Phil Ford Sees a Possible Future for the Spin-Off in the Past
Extra Footage from Dimensions in Time

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Written by Taylor

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