Episode 276: The Pandorica Opens OR What’s in a Namesake

The Pandorica Opens!

Night of the Living Geeks · Click Here to Listen to Podcastica Episode 276: The Pandorica Opens OR What’s in a Namesake

Hey friends, want to hear a funny story? It’s a story about how this podcast got its name…275 episodes after our first episode. Yeah, time is definitely funny that way, but we’re here this week to talk about The Pandorica Opens! The penultimate episode of Matt Smith’s first season and all sorts of bonkers-ness is breaking out! So join as we finally get back into some Modern Who and see how well this story holds up almost 13 years after it first aired!

The mobile game Doctor Who: Lost in Time is out now
A Welsh pub holds a clue to the filming of the new season
And here’s another filming update for Series 14
David Banks will be reading the audio novelization of Silver Nemesis, out this July

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Written by Taylor

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