Episode 279: Day of the Moon OR Death Metal Fonts

Night of the Living Geeks · Podcastica Episode 279: Day of the Moon OR Death Metal Fonts

Well, we couldn’t leave last episode’s cliffhanger alone and so we dove into DAY OF THE MOON with gusto and are loving just how much fun we remembered having with this era of Doctor Who! This time around, Moff leans hard on the horror tropes as The Silence become even more of a menace and Team TARDIS (plus Canton) do their best to defeat them. All that, plus we kick around some new shirt ideas!

Jinkx Monsoon’s Character’s Outfit has been Revealed!
New Mod 60s Outfits have also been Revealed for The Doctor and Ruby!
And Murray Gold is Coming Back to Score the Show!!
RTD Drops an Ep Title Hint and New Cast Members Found

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Written by Taylor

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