Episode 4: Doctor Mysterio Jr.

Hello, Whovians! This Is Where It Gets Complicated is back! This month, our trio of hosts speak at great length about TORCHWOOD S01E04: CYBERWOMAN. We found out first hand why secrets don’t make friends, that Ianto cries a whole lot, and that Owen is a creepy weirdo (and that’s putting it lightly). Then, it’s time for the Semi-Finals and Finals of our COSTUME SHOWDOWN! Who was the best dressed Doctor in our opinion? In FINISH AT THE FINISH, we build a great big golden statue for everyone’s favorite shapeshifter Frobisher! We reviewed the comical, but also very bizarre Big Finish audio THE HOLY TERROR! Plus pizza, murder cats, and much more!

Mentioned in this Episode:
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Purchase THE HOLY TERROR on Big Finish’s Official Site (IT’S ONLY $3!)

Written by John Pingel

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