EP.4 One Fatal Flaw


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In the fourth installment of the Giant Sword Podcast, Taylor gives us the skinny on Star Ocean 5 and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Then, for this week’s topic, the guys share some potentially great RPGs that were marred by a single glaring flaw that drove us away.

To wrap up, we introduce a new segment: the System-by-System JRPG Beginner’s Handbook! Each week we’ll pick a different system and share a great game that’s close to our hearts, which would also be excellent choices for someone new to the genre! Naturally, we had to start with the venerable PS1. So equip your gear, stock up on consumables, and venture into the dungeon of the Giant Sword Podcast!



Persona 5 Discussion – 1:00
Tokyo Mirage Sessions Discussion – 7:38
Star Ocean Rant – 11:35
Topic of the podcast – 17:35
JRPG Beginner’s Handbook – 38:10

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Written by John Pingel


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