Episode.40 – Those Were the Days

What’s good, everyone? It’s been yet ANOTHER life-mandated long hiatus for the show, but the solid quality of geekery in 2016 and leading up in to 2017 was far too much ignore, so I’m back to bring you all the latest in hype!
Joining me as I dip my toes back into the podcast pool is my brother and co-creator of the Disk Read Error blog, James B. Boss. To kick off the year, James and Joshua do a short and somewhat spotty wrap-up of the geeky events that punctuated the year for them, and share their top picks for the “must own” video games for 2017… as well as the usual level of verbal tomfoolery that seems to follow these two around whenever they’re in a room together.

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Written by Joshua Evo

S02E16: Cageception

Episode 89: The Hometown Buffet of Our Heroes.