Jjrunkcast- The BEER Episode!


In this episode we are back (again) after a shorter hiatus than the last one! (nervous laughter) Join us as we talk about the very liquid that allows us to be drunken idiots for your hearing pleasure. We get drunk off seasonal beer from Samuel Adams, We talk the origin of beer, rumors, fun facts and our acquaintance with a locally born but nationally known celebrity who knows how to put one down better than any one! Jjrunkcast is open for business (again)!Stay tuned for upcoming milestones that include our snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook, AND even a charity opportunity that you can feel warm about JUST by being a listener! Crack open a beer, put in your headphones and always enjoy responsibly! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Written by Joel

S33E00: Draaaaaft!

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