Magic the Chattering Episode 26: Invasion of the Buttscratchers

In this episode of Magic the Chattering, Brandon and Mitch discuss the recent changes to organized play and GPs, some upcoming hot new products like Duel Decks – Mind vs. Might, Modern Masters 2017, get an update on Brandon’s cube, and announce a contest!

Our first contest, the Themed Commander Contest!

Pick any legal commander and build a themed deck around them! Make the list on with a description of what your theme is. This can be either based on the flavor of the commander or an overall idea. We will put the deck lists for vote each week tallying votes as we go until we annouce recording for the next episode. Share the voting page with your friends and get those votes!

Please send us a direct message on our Facebook page with a link to your commander deck list.


Magic the Chattering
Episode 26
11 Mar 2017

– GP Changes
— CFB Events
– New Products
Mind vs Might
– MM 2k17
— Reprints
– Cube Update


Intro Music By:

What You Want (Version 2) by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Other Music Credits:

Written by Ted Mustard

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