You Want To Fight Me? I’m Part T-Rex.

Brandon and Mitch are back with the second episode of “Magic: The Chattering”! This week, they’re talking about Commander Decks! They talk in depth about past year’s decks and also decks from this year! They let you know what they liked about them, and what they didn’t like. Also, which deck included, what Mitch called, “The best mana sink you’re ever going to find”?

Mentioned In This Episode

2014 Decks

  • Nahiri
  • Teferi
  • Ob Nixilis
  • Daretti
  • Freyalise

2013 Edition Decks

  • Oloro
  • Marath
  • Prossh
  • Jeleva
  • Derevi

2011 Edition Decks

  • Kaalia
  • Riku
  • Ghave
  • Zedruu
  • Mimeoplasm

Official Commander Rules

Written by Devo

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