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Magic: The Chattering has returned! This week, Mitch and Brandon talk to a special guest – David of the “Welcome to Comics” podcast joins our duo and they talk about their monthly game night events! At these game nights, everyone would bring a deck that had a win condition other than attacking with creatures.

Brandon discusses his recent trip to GP San Jose, and they reminisce about fun and ridiculous combos from MTG’s history!

Mentioned In This Episode

Kitchen Table Combos – combos that prioritize fun/ridiculousness over efficiency

  • Primal Surge
  • Walk the Aeons infinite turns combo
  • Rosheen Meanderer combo
  • David’s Izzet Commander combo?
  • Reset + Reiterate + Lightning Bolt
  • Null Profusion Combo Deck
  • Enduring Renewal combo

Guest star: David Montgomery

Welcome to Comics

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