Magic The Chattering – Andy is my Null Rod

Magic the Chattering
Episode 8
25 Apr 2015


In this episode, Mitch and Brandon welcome one of the hosts of the Outwit, Outplay, Outcast show, Andy!

The trio talk about Hearthstone and compare it to


– Everyday I’m Shuffling
— Andy’s Commander
— Narset update

– Hearthstone Episode
— Mitch’s Paladin Deck
— Brandon’s Decks
— Andy’s Decks
— Priest – Archetypal
— Druid – Archetypal
— Pirates! – Oil Rogue / Ogres / Pirates
— Freeze Mage – Free spells, Alexstrasza, Thaurissan, BURST
— Arena Play
— Quests
— Tournament Play & The Meta
— Why HS tournament formats are better than Magic and create a more dynamic meta with a severely shallower card pool.
— Last Hero Standing (Word Champ 2014)
— Blind Pick (ESL)
— Conquest (Word Champ 2015 and current standard)

Twitter accounts:

Mitch – @tedmustard
Brandon – @epros1285
Show – @ChatteringMagic


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